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At Lighthouse Direct Primary Care, we believe health care can and should be affordable and convenient. Our Clinic cuts overhead eliminate artificially inflated prices and work to transfer all of those cost savings to your employees.  However, we do not compromise the quality and our prices are transparent.

How it works
  • Employers pay a full or partial monthly fee.

    • Monthly Cost

      • $85 per employee 

      • $150 per couple – ($75 each)

Patients/ Members receive
    • Unlimited visits without copays.  Same/Next day appointments. Extended more relaxed office visits (30min to 1hour)

    • Communication with a physician via phone, text, or email and Virtual Visits

    • Many procedures offered (skin procedures, pap smears, EKGs, joint injections, stitches, etc.) with the purchase of materials.

    • Discounted labs, medications, and nonemergent imaging.

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