What is Direct Primary Care?

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Direct Primary Care(DPC) is an innovative and alternative model for delivering personalized primary care. I’m a DPC Family Physician(Board Certified and State Licensed). We are family and veteran-owned. We are revolutionizing the Health System and changing the way Physicians care for their patients for the better. We run our practices better by cutting out the expensive overhead and pass those savings on to the patients. I got someone a lifesaving $900 medication for $90. I give you 1-2 day appointments, 30-60 minute relaxed visits, and unlimited visits without a copay. I see minor emergencies and do skin procedures. You can keep your specialist.s. I save families the high cost of going to the expensive ER and urgent care centers. I save families money by not filing insurance claims. What would this level of quality of care and service be worth to you?

Providing you with the best doctors for the best care

Dr. James Tinsley

Dr. Tinsley pursued his childhood dream of becoming a physician in 1996 and graduated from Eastern Virginia Medical School in 2000. Dr. Tinsley completed his Family Physician Residency at VCU/MCV in 2003 as Chief Resident.

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